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OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar Class Reference

A scroll bar control More...

Inheritance diagram for OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar:

Public Member Functions

 ScrollBar (Dialog parent)
 Creates a new instance of the scroll bar class More...
void Scroll (int delta)
 Scrolls by delta items. A positive value scrolls down, while a negative scrolls down More...
void ScrollTo (int position)
 Scrolls by to position. More...
void ShowItem (int index)
 Shows an item More...
void SetTrackRange (int startRange, int endRange)
 Sets the track range More...
override void Render (Device device, float elapsedTime)
 Render the scroll bar control More...
override bool HandleMouse (WindowMessage msg, Point pt, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
 Stores data for a dropdown list item More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
override string ToString ()
virtual void OnInitialize ()
 Initialize the control More...
virtual bool MsgProc (IntPtr hWnd, WindowMessage msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
 Message Handler More...
virtual bool HandleKeyboard (WindowMessage msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam)
 Handle the keyboard data More...
virtual void OnFocusIn ()
 Called when control gets focus More...
virtual void OnFocusOut ()
 Called when control loses focus More...
virtual void OnMouseEnter ()
 Called when mouse goes over the control More...
virtual void OnMouseExit ()
 Called when mouse leaves the control More...
virtual void OnHotKey ()
 Called when the control's hotkey is hit More...
virtual bool ContainsPoint (Point pt)
 Does the control contain this point More...
virtual void SetLocation (int x, int y)
 Called to set control's location More...
virtual void SetSize (int w, int h)
 Called to set control's size More...
virtual void Refresh ()
 Refreshes the control More...

Public Attributes

const int TrackLayer = 0
const int UpButtonLayer = 1
const int DownButtonLayer = 2
const int ThumbLayer = 3
- Public Attributes inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
uint index
bool IsDefault
Dialog Parent => parentDialog
 The parent dialog of this control More...
virtual bool CanHaveFocus => false
 Can the control have focus More...
virtual ControlType ControlType => ctrlType
 Type of the control More...

Protected Member Functions

override void UpdateRectangles ()
 Update all of the rectangles More...
void Cap ()
 Clips position at boundaries More...
void UpdateThumbRectangle ()
 Compute the dimension of the scroll thumb More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
 Control (Dialog parent)
 Create a new instance of a control More...

Protected Attributes

const int MinimumThumbSize = 8
bool showingThumb = true
Rectangle upButtonRect
Rectangle downButtonRect
Rectangle trackRect
Rectangle thumbRect
int m_position
int pgSize = 1
int start
int end = 1
- Protected Attributes inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
Dialog parentDialog
object localUserData
bool visible = true
bool isMouseOver
bool hasFocus
int controlId
ControlType ctrlType
Keys ctrlHotKey
bool enabled = true
Rectangle boundingBox
int controlX
List< ElementelementList = new List<Element>()


int TrackPosition [get, set]
 Position of the track More...
int PageSize [get, set]
 Size of a 'page' More...
- Properties inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
object UserData [get, set]
 User specified data More...
virtual bool IsEnabled [get, set]
 Is the control enabled More...
virtual bool IsVisible [get, set]
 Is the control visible More...
virtual int ID [get, set]
 Unique ID of the control More...
virtual Keys Hotkey [get, set]
 The controls hotkey More...
Element this[uint elementIndex] [get, set]
 Index for the elements this control has access to More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Events inherited from OmegaGUI.Render.Control
EventHandler MouseEnter

Detailed Description

A scroll bar control

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.ScrollBar ( Dialog  parent)

Creates a new instance of the scroll bar class

Member Function Documentation

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.Cap ( )

Clips position at boundaries

override bool OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.HandleMouse ( WindowMessage  msg,
Point  pt,
IntPtr  wParam,
IntPtr  lParam 

Stores data for a dropdown list item

Reimplemented from OmegaGUI.Render.Control.

override void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.Render ( Device  device,
float  elapsedTime 

Render the scroll bar control

Implements OmegaGUI.Render.Control.

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.Scroll ( int  delta)

Scrolls by delta items. A positive value scrolls down, while a negative scrolls down

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.ScrollTo ( int  position)

Scrolls by to position.

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.SetTrackRange ( int  startRange,
int  endRange 

Sets the track range

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.ShowItem ( int  index)

Shows an item

override void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.UpdateRectangles ( )

Update all of the rectangles

Reimplemented from OmegaGUI.Render.Control.

void OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.UpdateThumbRectangle ( )

Compute the dimension of the scroll thumb

Property Documentation

int OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.PageSize

Size of a 'page'

int OmegaGUI.Render.ScrollBar.TrackPosition

Position of the track

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