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AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Dialogs.TerrainSizeDialog Class Reference

Displays and edits a TerrainSize. Can also be used to create a new TerrainSize. More...

Inheritance diagram for AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Dialogs.TerrainSizeDialog:

Static Public Member Functions

static TerrainSize Create ()
 Get a new TerrainSize. More...
static void Edit (ref TerrainSize size)
 Modify an existing TerrainSize. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Clean up any resources being used. More...

Detailed Description

Displays and edits a TerrainSize. Can also be used to create a new TerrainSize.

This dialog is a modal dialog. Communication is handled via the static methods (Create, Edit).

Member Function Documentation

static TerrainSize AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Dialogs.TerrainSizeDialog.Create ( )

Get a new TerrainSize.

The new TerrainSize.
override void AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Dialogs.TerrainSizeDialog.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Clean up any resources being used.

disposingtrue if managed resources should be disposed; otherwise, false.
static void AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Dialogs.TerrainSizeDialog.Edit ( ref TerrainSize  size)

Modify an existing TerrainSize.

sizeThe TerrainSize to modify
OperationCanceledExceptionThe user clicked the cancel button.

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