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AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Commands.MovePositionables Class Reference

Moves one or more Positionable{TCoordinates}s. More...

Inheritance diagram for AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Commands.MovePositionables:
NanoByte::Common::Undo::SimpleCommand NanoByte::Common::Undo::IUndoCommand

Public Member Functions

 MovePositionables (IEnumerable< Positionable< Vector2 >> positionables, Vector2 target)
 Creates a new command for moving one or more Positionable{TCoordinates}s. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from NanoByte::Common::Undo::IUndoCommand
void Execute ()
void Undo ()

Protected Member Functions

override void OnExecute ()
 Set the changed Positionable{TCoordinates}.Positions. More...
override void OnUndo ()
 Restore the original Positionable{TCoordinates}.Positions. More...

Detailed Description

Moves one or more Positionable{TCoordinates}s.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Commands.MovePositionables.MovePositionables ( IEnumerable< Positionable< Vector2 >>  positionables,
Vector2  target 

Creates a new command for moving one or more Positionable{TCoordinates}s.

positionablesThe Positionable{TCoordinates}s to be moved.
targetThe terrain position to move the entities to.

Member Function Documentation

override void AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Commands.MovePositionables.OnExecute ( )

Set the changed Positionable{TCoordinates}.Positions.

override void AlphaFramework.Editor.World.Commands.MovePositionables.OnUndo ( )

Restore the original Positionable{TCoordinates}.Positions.

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