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AlphaFramework.Editor.ModSelectorForm Class Reference

Allows the user to select a Mod to edit More...

Inheritance diagram for AlphaFramework.Editor.ModSelectorForm:

Public Member Functions

 ModSelectorForm (bool allowEditMain, IList< string > recentMods=null)
 Creates a new mod selection form. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void Dispose (bool disposing)
 Clean up any resources being used. More...

Detailed Description

Allows the user to select a Mod to edit

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AlphaFramework.Editor.ModSelectorForm.ModSelectorForm ( bool  allowEditMain,
IList< string >  recentMods = null 

Creates a new mod selection form.

allowEditMaintrue to allow the user to edit the main game as well; false to allow only mods to be edited.
recentModsAn externally stored list of recently opened mods.

Member Function Documentation

override void AlphaFramework.Editor.ModSelectorForm.Dispose ( bool  disposing)

Clean up any resources being used.

disposingtrue if managed resources should be disposed; otherwise, false.

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