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OmegaEngine.Storage.ContentArchiveEntry Struct Reference

Represents a file in a content archive. More...

Public Member Functions

 ContentArchiveEntry (ZipFile zipFile, ZipEntry zipEntry)
 Creates a new content file representation More...


ZipFile ZipFile [get]
 The archive containing the file. More...
ZipEntry ZipEntry [get]
 The actual content file. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a file in a content archive.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OmegaEngine.Storage.ContentArchiveEntry.ContentArchiveEntry ( ZipFile  zipFile,
ZipEntry  zipEntry 

Creates a new content file representation

zipFileThe archive containing the file
zipEntryThe actual content file

Property Documentation

ZipEntry OmegaEngine.Storage.ContentArchiveEntry.ZipEntry

The actual content file.

ZipFile OmegaEngine.Storage.ContentArchiveEntry.ZipFile

The archive containing the file.

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