OmegaEngine API  1.0.3
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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| \NValues
|oNAssetsLoading and caching file-based assets (textures, models, etc.).
|oNAudio3D sound and music playback.
|oNCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic.
|oNGraphicsGraphics subsystem of the engine.
||oNCamerasDifferent camera types for navigating the world.
||oNRenderablesObjects rendered in 3D space.
||oNShadersSurface and post-screen shader effects.
||\NVertexDeclStructs mapped to DirectX custom vertex formats (for storing additional information per vertex).
|oNInputHandlers for mouse, keyboard and touch input.
|oNStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and ZIP).
|\NValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types.
| \NDesign
\NOmegaGUIGUI toolkit for the OmegaEngine.
 oNModelditor-friendly, XML-serializable data model of the GUI. No render code.
 \NRenderActual rendering widgets with DirectX resources.