OmegaEngine API  1.0.3
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAssetsLoading and caching file-based assets (textures, models, etc.)
 NAudio3D sound and music playback
 NCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic
 NGraphicsGraphics subsystem of the engine
 NCamerasDifferent camera types for navigating the world
 NRenderablesObjects rendered in 3D space
 NShadersSurface and post-screen shader effects
 NVertexDeclStructs mapped to DirectX custom vertex formats (for storing additional information per vertex)
 NInputHandlers for mouse, keyboard and touch input
 NStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and ZIP)
 NValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types
 NOmegaGUIGUI toolkit for the OmegaEngine
 NModelDitor-friendly, XML-serializable data model of the GUI. No render code
 NRenderActual rendering widgets with DirectX resources