OmegaEngine API  1.0.3
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|oNAssetsLoading and caching file-based assets (textures, models, etc.).
|oNAudio3D sound and music playback.
|oNCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic.
|oNGraphicsGraphics subsystem of the engine.
|oNInputHandlers for mouse, keyboard and touch input.
|oNStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and ZIP).
|oNValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types.
|oCColorUtilsConvert colors to different formats, interpolate, invert, ...
|oCDebugConsoleProvides a generic debug console powered by the Log system and Lua scripting.
|oCDebugFormProvides a debug interface for manipulating views, scenes, bodies and lights in the Engine in real-time
|oCEngineProvides central control for 3D rendering, sound management, asset caching, etc.
|oCEngineCapabilitiesMethods for determining the rendering capabilities of the graphics hardware.
|oCEngineConfigStores settings for initializing Engine
|oCEngineEffectsTurn specific rendering effects in the Engine on or off.
|oCEngineElementA common base class for all objects that need an Engine instance.
|oCEngineElementCollection< T >A collection of EngineElements. Applies the composite pattern: automatically handles EngineElement.Engine setting and EngineElement.Dispose calling.
|oCEnginePerformanceTracks the performance/speed of the Engine.
|oCEngineStateRepresents the current graphics render state of the Engine.Device.
|oCEngineUtilsAnimationProvides simple animation helpers for the Engine.
|oCEngineUtilsDrawProvides simple draw helpers for the Engine.
|oCGameBaseAutomatically provides an Engine instance with a fullscreen-capable window, render loop, input handling, etc.
|oCHardwareInformation about the hardware the Engine is running on.
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|oCIAudioRepresents an asset that can playback audio.
|oCIPositionableAn interface to objects that have a position.
|oCIPositionableOffsetAn interface to objects that have an offset that can be subtracted from the IPositionable.Position get an effective position to use for rendering.
|oCMathUtilsDesigned to keep other code clean of messy spaghetti code required for some math operations.
|oCPerlinNoisePerlin noise function.
|oCProfilerHelper class with static functions to signal the beginnings and endings of performance profiling events. In Debug builds events are also passed to PIX.
|oCProfilerEventStruct that allows you to profile timed execution blocks.
|oCRandomUtilsProvides helper methods for creating different types of variables with random content.
|\CRenderPanelA Panel that automatically provides an OmegaEngine.Engine instance for rendering on it, an optional timer-driver render loop, input handling, etc.
\NOmegaGUIGUI toolkit for the OmegaEngine.
 oNModelditor-friendly, XML-serializable data model of the GUI. No render code.
 oNRenderActual rendering widgets with DirectX resources.
 oCDialogRendererDisplays a Dialog using Render.Dialog.
 \CGuiManagerMaintains lists of all DialogRenderers