OmegaEngine API  1.0.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAssetsLoading and caching file-based assets (textures, models, etc.)
 NAudio3D sound and music playback
 NCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic
 NGraphicsGraphics subsystem of the engine
 NInputHandlers for mouse, keyboard and touch input
 NStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and ZIP)
 NValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types
 CColorUtilsConvert colors to different formats, interpolate, invert, ..
 CDebugConsoleProvides a generic debug console powered by the Log system and Lua scripting
 CDebugFormProvides a debug interface for manipulating views, scenes, bodies and lights in the Engine in real-time
 CEngineProvides central control for 3D rendering, sound management, asset caching, etc
 CEngineCapabilitiesMethods for determining the rendering capabilities of the graphics hardware
 CEngineConfigStores settings for initializing Engine
 CEngineEffectsTurn specific rendering effects in the Engine on or off
 CEngineElementA common base class for all objects that need an Engine instance
 CEngineElementCollectionA collection of EngineElements. Applies the composite pattern: automatically handles EngineElement.Engine setting and EngineElement.Dispose calling
 CEnginePerformanceTracks the performance/speed of the Engine
 CEngineStateRepresents the current graphics render state of the Engine.Device
 CEngineUtilsAnimationProvides simple animation helpers for the Engine
 CEngineUtilsDrawProvides simple draw helpers for the Engine
 CGameBaseAutomatically provides an Engine instance with a fullscreen-capable window, render loop, input handling, etc
 CHardwareInformation about the hardware the Engine is running on
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 CIAudioRepresents an asset that can playback audio
 CIPositionableAn interface to objects that have a position
 CIPositionableOffsetAn interface to objects that have an offset that can be subtracted from the IPositionable.Position get an effective position to use for rendering
 CMathUtilsDesigned to keep other code clean of messy spaghetti code required for some math operations
 CPerlinNoisePerlin noise function
 CProfilerHelper class with static functions to signal the beginnings and endings of performance profiling events. In Debug builds events are also passed to PIX
 CProfilerEventStruct that allows you to profile timed execution blocks
 CRandomUtilsProvides helper methods for creating different types of variables with random content
 CRenderPanelA Panel that automatically provides an OmegaEngine.Engine instance for rendering on it, an optional timer-driver render loop, input handling, etc
 NOmegaGUIGUI toolkit for the OmegaEngine
 NModelDitor-friendly, XML-serializable data model of the GUI. No render code
 NRenderActual rendering widgets with DirectX resources
 CDialogRendererDisplays a Dialog using Render.Dialog
 CGuiManagerMaintains lists of all DialogRenderers