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AlphaFramework.World.Paths.SimplePathfinder Class Reference

A simple A* pathfinder. More...

Inheritance diagram for AlphaFramework.World.Paths.SimplePathfinder:
AlphaFramework.World.Paths.IPathfinder< TCoordinates >

Public Member Functions

 SimplePathfinder (bool[,] obstructionMap)
 Initializes a new pathfinder. More...
IEnumerable< Vector2 > FindPath (Vector2 start, Vector2 target)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AlphaFramework.World.Paths.IPathfinder< TCoordinates >
IEnumerable< TCoordinates > FindPath (TCoordinates start, TCoordinates target)
 Calculates a path from source to target coordinates. More...

Detailed Description

A simple A* pathfinder.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AlphaFramework.World.Paths.SimplePathfinder.SimplePathfinder ( bool  obstructionMap[,])

Initializes a new pathfinder.

obstructionMapA 2D map of obstructed (untraversable) fields.

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